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Dominican Republic's Economy

It hasn't just been the tourism and travel sector but also the establishment of free trade zones that have given the economy a significant boost. The latter have attracted foreign investors, who have contributed to economic growth and created new jobs for locals and foreigners working in the Dominican Republic. These zones mostly focus on production in the fields of textiles, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and tobacco products.

In the past, working in the Dominican Republic meant you were in the export business. The Caribbean island nation has long been a leading exporter of sugar, tobacco, and coffee. Although the services sector in general, tourism in particular, has become the most important source of jobs in the Dominican Republic today, agriculture is still a major sector. Many of the country's export goods are valued not only for their quality, but also for their organic certification.

Another new area of development in the Dominican Republic is the technology sector, which focuses on training the labor force to work in high-tech industries. The Santo Domingo Cyberpark is designed to attract investors in this very field. Expats working in the Dominican Republic's technology sector might find themselves employed by a software, computer design, or high-tech manufacturing company in this area. Despite the country recovering well after the global financial crisis in 2008, the Dominican Republic still suffers from significant income inequality and considerable unemployment.

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