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Business (Work) Visa

Before moving to the Dominican Republic, you need to secure either a business visa (Visa de Negocios), which comes in two forms that allow either one entry for 60 days or multiple entries for one year, but only for a maximum of two consecutive months at a time, or a business visa for employment purposes (Visa de Negocios con Fines Laborales), which is issued for one year. The latter is the relevant visa for those who are moving to the Dominican Republic to work on fixed-term contracts for private or public companies; with this visa you can apply for a driver’s license, open a bank account, etc. You can renew your visa at the Department of Immigration (Dirección General de Migración) in Santo Domingo as long as you still have a valid work contract.

In order to apply for a business visa for employment purposes, you need to submit the following documents. All foreign documents must be notarized and translated into Spanish; both the original and the translation need to be apostilled:

  • visa form
  • frontal picture (2×2 inches, with a white background)
  • passport valid for the duration of the visa or longer
  • medical certificate
  • criminal record certificate from your country of residence at the time of application
  • photocopy of national identity document from your country of nationality, as well as a photocopy of your residence card if you’re residing in a second country
  • photocopy of former Dominican visas or residence card (for visa renewal)
  • visa application letter from you or from the company for which you are going to work, addressed to the consular section containing your name, nationality, place of residence, and occupation

Moreover, you need a so-called Resolution of the Ministry of Labor of the Dominican Republic. This document is issued by the Labor Department of the Ministry. It legitimizes the applicant’s employment contract and, therefore, their reason for moving to the Dominican Republic, and specifies the employee’s position within the company, contract length, and salary.

Nationals from certain countries who move to the Dominican Republic for short-term business meetings, site visits, or short training courses may enter the country with a Tourist Card, which is basically a USD 10 tax on visitors; a visa is not required in this case.

Please be prepared that the requirements can change daily. You should get legal help.

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