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Tropical Storms in the Dominican Republic

Tropical storms and hurricanes are a serious concern for those living in the Caribbean. These storms can cause serious damage and injury and are a threat which is not to be taken lightly. The main hurricane season is from June to November, with peak times from late August to the end of September. The last hurricane that hit the country was Hurricane Sandy in 2014. It was very powerful and deadly, and it is advised to be always prepared for a storm warning. Generally, you should find out if a tropical storm is approaching via different news media. Keep your eyes open for alerts (alerta) and approaching storms (aviso).
You should be able to receive information about a target area and whether it is necessary to evacuate your home. If you are not living in the evacuation zone and are sure that your building can withstand a storm, you may stay there until the storm is over. However, make sure to make your home "disaster ready" and to have a "disaster kit" with plenty of canned food and water. The good news is that 90% of all buildings in the country are completely storm-resistant. More people are killed through injuries after, rather than during, the storm. Make sure, therefore, to avoid fallen wires and potentially dangerous situations once the storm is over.

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